Brennan Seehafer invests in Manitowoc with two leisure venues

In seventh quality, Brennan Seehafer of Manitowoc began a manufacturing firm and introduced a big present to the city’s Capitol Civic Centre. He expended hours arranging, securing sponsors and offering software adverts to offset the hazard. The demonstrate was a accomplishment.

“I often liked arranging and management in the new music business,” he said. “It was thrilling to strategy and host situations. And, I continue to obtained my schoolwork done.”

He shaped Brennan Seehafer Productions in 2007, and ongoing to approach demonstrates after going to Nashville following graduation. While there, he was an apprentice for the Nation Music Association and toured with Luke Bryan for a couple several years. He also ongoing to increase his generation corporation and generates and encourages 40 to 50 demonstrates a calendar year.

The a person improve is his property base is again in Manitowoc.

“I went to Nashville to knowledge new points, but I realized that there was a void in Manitowoc,” Seehafer mentioned. “There was no bar on the waterfront, and I believed that supplied a exclusive prospect.”