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Rosina Cove: Someday We Will Make It There

100 Mile House’s Peter Stone is spreading his musical wings in his latest musical project, Rosina Cove. Described as a “band created for hedonistic hideout through an unpretentious Canadiana heart,” Rosina Cove is an outlet for Stone to escape the pressures of perfectionism and instead have some fun bashing out tunes with friends.

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The band’s debut, Someday We Will Make It There, is a collection of eight rollicking songs. “I wanted to write songs in 20 minutes and not think about them much,” Rose said, describing his process of cranking out these songs in an unpretentious fashion.

Someday We Will Make It There finds a comfortable roots-rocker tempo throughout its runtime. Whereas 100 Mile House’s style was coffee-shop folk, Rosina Cove breaks out guitar amps and distortion pedals for ragged-glory songs in the same vein as Jr. Gone Wild. Some songs lean into jam territory but don’t overstay their welcome. All in all, it adds up to an enjoyable listening experience.

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Drew Malcolm and Vicky Berg join Stone to form the core of Rosina Cove, but Stone says the band evolves from show to show to include whoever else is in their musical orbit. The joy of recording Someday We Will Make It There is evident in the tracks and Stone says he has another batch of songs in his pocket ready to be laid down.

Rosina Cove will be performing an album release show Saturday at Soho along with The Hearts. Listen to Someday We Will Make It There on streaming platforms on Friday.

Retro Posse: The Rodeo Song

Even if you think you don’t know The Rodeo Song, there’s a strong chance you’ve heard it. The profane country ditty continues to be a perennial wedding and campfire classic more than 40 years since the Albertan band Gary Lee and the Showdown recorded and released the Gaye Delmorme-penned tune, but now it’s receiving an update by way of Retro Posse.

An EP of five (yes, five) dance music versions of The Rodeo Song is set to be released Friday, along with accompanying music videos.

“This song represents a history of Alberta and its -40 C cold weather, along with some swear words and a guy named Johnny One-Ball” says Don Stannard of Retro Posse in a press statement about the release. “It also feels surreal as it’s a homage to our late friend Lance Makutra, who operated many of Edmonton’s top nightclubs, including Barry T’s, Fast Eddy’s, The Funky Buddha, and began his nightclub career at Cook County Saloon. It’s safe to say Lance made The Rodeo Song popular in every decade to the club-goers of Edmonton and beyond. Lance was with us every step of the way completing this musical project, and he is missed by us all.”

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Retro Posse is billed as a music and production group consisting of Don Stannard, David “Jake” Jacobs and Brian James Degenstien, and their versions of The Rodeo Song also feature vocals from BJ the DJ, and Haven Nagel Lynch, along with fiddle from Alex Kusturok. The five versions of The Rodeo Song include two radio edits in explicit and clean versions, a “Barn Dance Edit” heavy on “yee-haws” and foot stompin’, the “Extended Lance Remix” which is fit for the nightclub, and the “OG Pioneer Remix” which consists of a version of the song produced in the 1990s but mixed by Luis Donis to today’s production standards.

Read more about how this version of The Rodeo Song came to be and even order some merchandise with the song’s lyrics at

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Local rockers Roll the Bones have a self-titled, debut album coming out this week. The band has been gigging around the city with its high-energy, bluesy retro-rock since 2018. Roll the Bones will be playing an album release show Friday at the Starlite Room, with support from Monks on Call, Mellow the Lion, and You, Me & Zach.

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Clayton Bellamy has pivoted from the country influences he channelled with The Road Hammers and is now embracing his rock ‘n’ roll spirit with The Congregation. The band released its debut, Welcome to the Congregation, in 2019 and followed that with The Ugly Truth EP released last year. With a vinyl option, the band’s new full-length record is self-titled and being released at Soho on Nov. 30, with the heavy single Devil Inside already available.

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Cree artist Donita Large is adding more of her blues grooves to the Edmonton repertoire. She collaborated with Anthony King for the new single Too Much of Anything, dropping Friday on streaming services everywhere.

Rap artist Mouraine, who once called Edmonton home and is now living in Calgary, is heading north again with his latest release. performing an album release show for his album, In Search of Gold, at Temple on Saturday

Garrett Gunderson has released a new music video for Follow Roads off his album, Constellations.

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And a group of Indigenous youth called Nikamo (sing in Cree), created from the collaborative Naskwahamâtowin music therapy project involving the Kehewin Native Dance Theatre and non-profit organization Make Music Matter, has released a debut EP. Moments is a five-track album featuring spoken word artistry, pop, folk and country sounds, and traditional instrumentation.

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