Gear Guide To Music Production On The Road

Traveling to new places and seeing amazing landscapes can be incredibly inspiring for the creative mind to dream up new ideas, moods, and emotions that are all conjured up when being in strange lands. If you are lucky enough to capture those inspirations in music then you are fortunate! But what if you want to go full-on NOMAD, shed all the furniture and excess “stuff”, move out, and just hit the road to seek this inspiration even further? 

Well, that is exactly what I did just about 2 years ago and this is my tried and tested “Gear Guide to Music Production On The Road”.

Making music by the lake in CB Smith Park.

After getting married in 2020 my wife and I wanted to take an extended Honeymoon road trip and get out of the house after months inside during the pandemic. So we took our collective lives’ worth of items and simplified our life down to the size of an older 30-foot RV. While the “shedding” of things was actually liberating, being an active DJ, Music Producer, and Record Label owner the idea of maintaining productivity while on the move started to become a questionable challenge. I had become so used to my studio room built with care, hardware, and instruments, everything wired up and ready to go. The realization came that I was so reliant on my studio and the room and the gear itself that I wouldn’t have the tools to do the same kind of production “on the road”.