No Flower Headbands at This New music Festival

Labor Working day weekend commenced with a bass fall on Randalls Island. For the 13th edition of the Electric Zoo audio pageant, attendees wore bucket hats, patterned small suits, leg elastics, harnesses and extremely minor else for New York City’s annual contribution to the global EDM bash circuit. We caught up with a few ravers on the initial working day of the competition, as they swapped hugs and handmade plastic beaded bracelets (a.k.a. “candy”) in advance of Diplo’s sunset DJ established.

Age: 20

Occupation: Pupil

Life in: Nassau County, N.Y.

Have you been to quite a few raves ahead of?

This is my 1st.

What are you most excited for?

I just ate, so I’m most fired up about the food. I experienced fried Oreos.

Did you make all those eyeglasses?

They’re from Dolls Get rid of, in fact. And I acquired the headband at Get together Metropolis.

Age: 35

Life in: Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Why the biohazard style on your pants?

The pants remind me of the aged-school days right before rave went mainstream. Everything I acquired about rave lifestyle was from my late stepdad. They called him “Al Boogie.” He had 20 several years of experience in rave tradition. I know he’s up there in heaven supplying me the “what’s up.”

Age: 27

Profession: Songs producer

Life in: Miami

What attracted you to these sweatpants and pashmina?

R.A.G.E. Nation is a really higher high quality rave brand name. They have truly magnificent organic and geometric types. Roses and all flower petals in common have a mathematic components. They observe the Fibonacci sequence. I study physics and math, so I appreciate the yin and yang of the geometric and organic and natural imagery.

Age: 22

Occupation: Receptionist

What title ought to we use?

I have had so numerous stage names around the a long time, it does not make a difference what identify you use. You can call me Andrew, you can connect with me Drew Carlo. I did porn less than the name Liam Skye. I quit porn fewer than a 12 months back.

Why did you go away the sector?

I didn’t want anyone looking at me in a different way for what I did. It was a occupation, it was enjoyment. Now I’m a receptionist.

Age: 30

Occupation: Flight attendant

Lives in: Brooklyn

Tell me about the bunny hat.

This is my preferred rave piece. I have worn it to each individual party, it is my pleasure and joy. It makes me truly feel fearless. A large amount of fellas are fearful to do it, to bend their gender a little. It reminds me that I’m in demand of me and I’m fearless. It’ll be improved immediately after the solar goes down simply because it all lights up.

Age: 25

Profession: Veterinary technician

Life in: Los Angeles

Your make-up is impeccable. How is it keeping on in the warmth?

I was worried about the makeup melting, but I set a ton of finishing spray and powder on. Which is the magic formula.

Where’d you get those earrings?

I designed them myself. I received tinsel and string and set it all together. I saw other artists experienced produced them but I could not get them in time, so I designed them myself.

Age: 47

Profession: Compounding pharmacy technician

Life in: Reduced East Side, Manhattan

Is this your first Electrical Zoo?

No, I essentially went to the 1st Electric powered Zoo. I don’t forget stealing a bottle of Hpnotiq from the V.I.P. lounge. Me and my homegirls, we dusted it off. I enjoy E-Zoo and I’m enthusiastic for the full new set up.

Age: 29

Occupation: E-commerce for G Fuel, an vitality consume

Life in: Edison, N.J.

Where did you get the harness?

The harness was a reward from my sister-in-legislation at Xmas. I opened it and was like, “How do I place it on?” I had my partner assist me determine out exactly where it was intended to go.

How did your sister-in-legislation know you’d be open to getting a harness as a Xmas gift?

My sister-in-legislation is my previous buddy. She released me to my husband. We have bought the exact soul. We’re both of those raver spooky Halloween girls.

Age: 30

Occupation: General public relations

Life in: East Flatbush, Brooklyn

Why pink?

Pink is just one of my favorite rave shades simply because it brings out my persona. I’m bubbly and enjoyment. I in fact operate in general public relations.

So how typically does your occupation make it possible for you to go to parties like this?

I get to go to raves about five situations a calendar year. The previous just one was Electrical Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

Age: 35

Occupation: Social employee

Dwell in: Bridgeport, Conn.

What’s up with the ducks?

We have a rave spouse and children from all more than the country. Each pageant we go to, we give absent ducks. I’ve acquired a bag full of them, pockets comprehensive of them. Who can say no to a duck?

Age: 25

Profession: Hair dresser

Reside in: Worcester, Mass.

Who did your hair?

I did! I dye my hair all the time. I transform it so often, individuals pretty much never recognize me when they see me the upcoming day. I did his hair very last night time when we were seeing time 3 of “The Jersey Shore.” He’s gotten like six compliments nowadays and it warms my coronary heart.

Age: 24

Life in: Medford, N.Y.

Is this a a person piece?

No, these are two of the same piece. These bottoms were initially this best, I cut them up and turned them into a bottom. The place of all this is for when I use the fiber optic whip later when it’s dark. It’s a passion I picked up through the pandemic. I basically obtained extremely great at it.

Age: 40

Occupation: E-commerce for Total Foods

Lives in: Brooklyn

Who did your hair?

I get my hair performed on 125th Street. But I stay in Brooklyn.

You go all the way uptown?

Yeah, for the reason that I perform in Midtown. It’s well worth it.

Age: 22

Occupation: Nursing pupil

Life in: Princeton, N.J.

Wherever did you uncover that hat?

I made this mushroom hat myself out of corkboard. Me and my pals pulled an all-nighter last night time to make it when watching “Gossip Girl.”

Age: 30

Occupation: Substitute teacher

Live in: Orlando, Fla.

How do you know each and every other?

We’re married. We’ve been jointly considering the fact that we had been 12 decades outdated.

How do you make it very last that long?

It normally takes a lot of tolerance and expansion and interaction. And events help. My partner arrived to his first festival in November. Now he’s hooked.

Age: 27

Do you head if we acquire your photograph?

Absolutely sure, but I have got to go.