Taylor Swift on the State Artist Who ‘Redefined the Genre’ for Her

Even though the moment finest regarded as a nation artist, Taylor Swift has branched out in just the planet of music. She’s collaborated with anyone from indie rockers like Aaron Dessner to rappers like Kendrick Lamar. But specified her origins, it makes perception that nation-audio mega-star Keith City seriously affected her model. 

Taylor Swift and Keith City are prolonged-time mates

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Initially doing collectively when Swift was a supporting act for Urban’s Escape Collectively Planet Tour in 2009, Taylor Swift and Keith City have a long-standing friendship. Because then, they collaborated in 2013 on Tim McGraw’s “Highway Do not Care” with Swift as a guest vocalist and City on guitar. The friends joined up all over again in 2014, with Urban becoming a member of Swift on stage in Toronto all through her 1989 Planet Tour. More just lately, video clip footage of Urban covering Swift’s song “Lover” created excitement.